Our Story


Why We Work Here has roots in a body of research on change dynamics, action civics, positive youth development, adaptive leadership, and asset-based community development, as well as first-hand research conducted by its co-founders.

In 2015, they traveled the country to study how groups of people were able to work together towards a shared vision of community – despite facing major social and economic challenges. The capacities and characteristics of these groups – the essentials of community stewardship – are the foundation for Why We Work Here.

The groups they visited include:

  1. The Carolina Textile District (Morganton, NC)
  2. People United for Sustainable Housing (Buffalo, NY)
  3. Evergreen Cooperatives (Cleveland, OH)
  4. The Incourage Community Foundation (Wisconsin Rapids, WI)
  5. The St. Paul Federation of Teachers (St. Paul, MN)
  6. Forterra (Seattle, WA)

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